An otoplasty is an outpatient procedure designed for patients with a condition called prominent ears. These are ears that protrude too far outward when viewed from the front. Patients with this condition may experience social embarrassment or teasing from others. This can negatively affect one’s confidence and self-image. The condition may be caused by underdevelopment of the fold in the ear called the antihelix, excess cartilage in the bowl of the ear called the concha, or a combination of both. A consultation with Dr. Mitchell will help you understand what contributes to your ear prominence, and how an otoplasty may benefit you.

Dr. Mitchell will tailor his operation depending on the cause, to best relieve the ear prominence and correct the deformity. The procedure is performed through incisions located behind the ears, well hidden from normal view. Recovery is excellent, with most experiencing very little pain. For children, it is recommended to wait until the child is at least six years of age, as the ear is still growing and premature surgery on the ear can potentially stunt its growth. Post-operatively, a protective garment is worn for one month continuously, except during bathing, to protect the repair while it heals. The garment is then worn for an additional two weeks at night while sleeping. The patient is instructed to avoid any physical activity (i.e., wrestling, etc.) that may damage the repair for six weeks.

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Although unusual, complications can occur. Dr. Mitchell will explain the risks in detail during your consultation. Contact us today or call at 402-483-8530 to schedule a consultation.


I can’t say enough about his nurse Andrea. Questions always seem to come up after an office visit. Listening and really hearing you is a strength I don’t think one comes by easily. She is a calm and compassionate voice and couldn’t be more reassuring in the face of a million questions. While cancer is never an easy experience to have, I couldn’t be more blessed than to have shared this journey with Dr. Mitchell and his staff.

*Actual patient. Results may vary."

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