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    Breast Augmentation Cost

    What’s the Cost?

    While cost can vary depending on the type of implant and procedure, in general the cost for breast augmentation performed by Dr. Mitchell ranges from $5,000-$7,000.

    A cost range is nice to know, but most people want to know what the cost will be for their specific procedure. During a consultation, you will:

    The consultation is free, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more.


    What are my Payment Options?

    We offer flexible payment options that include CareCredit and payment plans through our office.

    CareCredit lets you begin your treatment immediately, paying for it over time with low monthly payments that fit easily into your monthly budget.

    Consider CareCredit your healthcare credit card. With no costs up-front and no pre-payment penalties, CareCredit lets you pay over time and frees up cash and credit cards for other expenses. Featuring low monthly payment plans for procedures not commonly covered by insurance, you can use CareCredit again and again for other treatments for yourself or family members.

    To learn more visit or contact our office.

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    Additional Benefits for You

    You can receive instant savings on other aesthetic treatments and products like BOTOX®. Our office participates in the Brilliant Distinctions program. When you sign up, you’ll receive the following rewards after your breast augmentation:

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