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    Breast Augmentation FAQ

    Q: What types of implants are available?

    A: There are three types of implants:


    Q: What are the differences between the implants?

    A: Saline implants are filled with a saline solution. This creates a ‘water balloon’ feel. Saline implants do not hold their shape well, and also can move over time. They are the most likely type of implant to leak. Silicone implants have evolved over time and now use silicone that is cohesive and has a more ‘gel-like’ feel. Silicone implants hold their shape better than saline implants. They are softer and have a lower leak rate than saline implants. The newest implant is called the shaped implant; they are also known as 410s or ‘gummy bear’ implants. These implants are the most cohesive, hold their shape and are actually pre-shaped to resemble the breast. Silicone and shaped implants offer the most natural looking shape and feel.


    Q: Are silicone implants safe?

    A: Yes.


    Q: Can I breastfeed if I have breast implants?

    A: Yes. You should be able to breastfeed normally with your breast implants. For those with silicone implants, studies have shown there is no elevation of silicone levels in breast milk.


    Q: If I have breast implants am I more likely to get breast cancer?

    A: No. Studies have shown that women with implants are no more likely to get breast cancer than women with the same normal risks.


    Q: Will implants affect mammograms?

    A: Having implants does create a difference in the way breast tissue images are taken for a mammogram. If you have implants, there are special views that are done during a mammogram to help see the breast tissue. Also, with new 3D mammogram technology radiologists can see breast tissue in a more detailed way, which was not possible before. 3D mammograms can help provide an in-depth view of breast tissue for women with implants.


    Q: How long does the procedure take? Will I be in the hospital?

    A: Breast augmentation (breast implant surgery) is an outpatient procedure that is performed in a surgery center. It takes about an hour, and then you will spend about two hours in recovery before you go home.


    Q: What is the recovery time?

    A: It can vary, but you will usually feel better in one week, and definitely within two weeks. Some women go back to work in two-four days. This may depend on your job duties.


    Q: Can I exercise after the procedure?

    A: Your body will tell you when you are ready for exercise. Aerobic exercise, such as walking and running, is fine. It is recommended that you start slow. We recommend no chest exercises, such as push-ups or chest weights, for about six weeks.


    Q: How much does it cost?

    A: This depends on the best approach to achieve your desired outcome. We are happy to go over costs and our financial options during your consultation.


    Q: How can I learn more about breast augmentation, breast implant options and what’s best for me?

    A: Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Cassidy Mitchell. He will answer your questions and listen to your wishes, visit with you about the procedure, share the pros/cons of various breast implant options and provide samples so you can see and feel the differences, explain the process to help determine the best size for your body and lifestyle, and together with you determine the best approach to achieve the outcome you desire.


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